7th meeting: Chinese restaurant

As I told in my last post, for this meeting we decided to go to a Chinese restaurant. Min suggested the place that his friend had visited once so we went there after school. Unfortunately, they were closing just as we walked in. We didn’t realize to check the opening hours before going there.  Luckily, after a quick Google search, we found another restaurant nearby in Tammela.

I ordered some noodles with pork and Min chose some kind of Chinese soup. We also wanted to try Chinese spring rolls. Min was curious to find out if they tasted the same as at home. Apparently, they did! The food was very delicious and we took our time to enjoy all of it.



I told Min that Chinese restaurants are quite popular here in Finland. We really do enjoy their food. It was interesting to learn that the atmosphere and interior in the restaurant were very much Chinese according to Min. I´ve always wondered if it was true.

Once again, we had a fun time talking about all kinds of things and eating tasty food. the restaurant was a really nice change to the traditional learning environment.

Until next time!

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