8th meeting: Celebrations

Our 8th meeting took place at school. This time we ended up discussing the celebrations in our cultures. All though both of our countries have many same celebrations like birthdays and weddings, the way we celebrate them is obviously very different.

Min showed me a video of a traditional wedding ceremony in China. It was very beautiful and unique with all the rituals. The couple was dressed in beautiful red gowns. Min told me that red is the colour of luck which is why it´s used a lot in China. I showed him some pictures of Western weddings that are also the most common here in Finland. It turned out Min was familiar with them because they are also starting to be popular in China.

As we continued our discussion we found out that the birthday celebrations are quite different in our countries. Min explained that they don´t celebrate birthdays every year in China like we do here in Finland. Instead they celebrate important dates such as 20th, 50th and 80th birthdays for example. And when they do celebrate, they make it a very big event. All the relatives and friends gather to spend the day together and there can be dozens or even hundreds of people. That was something I didn´t know and it sounded pretty amazing.

Time went really fast as always and soon I had to get to class. Even though we didn´t have time to plan this meeting, I think we managed to develop a very interesting conversation.

We both learned a lot today!

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