9th meeting: Pre-Christmas party

For our second to last meeting we decided to go to the EOTO Pre-Christmas party that was held in Tamko´s office. There wasn’t a lot of people at first but during the first hour the room got full which was great. The atmosphere was very festive with all the Christmas music and delicious treats.

It was very nice to see other people from the course although not everyone came to the party of course. We hadn’t seen each other since the course introduction in September. We talked to a lot of people and exchanged our thoughts about this course.

We also bumped into some of Min´s friends and talked about how big this whole Christmas thing is in our country. Finns take it very seriously indeed! They told me that they don’t have such a festival in China, so it was a completely new experience for them. It was interesting to learn about all the different traditions that they have in their country. And I was happy to tell them more about our Christmas celebrations.

We stayed at the party for a couple of hours until I had to go home. All in all, the party was successful because we got to catch up with other students and share our experiences. We wish that there would have been more organized programme for us but that didn´t stop us from enjoying the party.

Christmas was just behind the corner!

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