Flea & Radio


For the meeting at 2.10. we decided to go check out the Flea Market Radio (Radiokirppis). We browsed the selections for quite a while and discussed since things along the way. Mutsumi was thinking to buy ice skates she found but hesitated as she would not want to carry them back to Japan and they felt bit tight. We agreed that if the skates felt tight then it would be bad for two reasons: 1) it might not feel very uncomfortable for quick testing but will definitely become so during longer period of time and 2) not able to wear thicker socks is not good during winter. Instead she found some woolen socks she wanted to buy to protect from the cold. Rami also found a Hello Kitty frisbee for her daughter. Me and Joni walked out empty handed.
After the Flea Market we headed towards the Kauppahalli and stopped by at Asian market along the way. At Kauppahalli we strolled for a while checking the stalls. Rami bought a doughnut to eat and Mutsumi bought several to bring back to her place.

I personally didn’t like flea market that much for a meeting place as corridors were pretty tight and since I’m quite considerate person so I gave way to other customers which led me missing a lot of conversations in the process.

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