The Third Meeting at TUT Library

It’s the second time for us to have a learning meeting together at TuT library, the main ideas of the meeting are to learn some orientation and family appellation words. The reason why we supposed to learn such kind of words is that our friend Timi are willing to have a trip in Asian countries, including China, Japan and South Korea. We hope that Timi can have a good sense of the direction and a pleasant journey in a foreign country.

Orientation: Slovene – Chinese – English

Sever 北面 North
Sug 南面 South
Vzhod 东面 East
Zahod 西面 West
Gor 上面 Up
Dol 下面 Down
Levo 左边 Left
Desno 右边 Right
Napres 向前的 Forwards
Nazas 向后的 Backwards
Spredas 前面 Front
Zadas 后面 Back


Family Appellation: Slovene – Chinese – English

Mama 妈妈 Mom
Ata/Oce 爸爸 Dad
Brat 兄弟 Brother
Sestra 姐妹 Sister
Babica 祖母 Grandma
Dedek 祖父 Grandfather
Hcerka 女儿 Daughter
Sin 儿子 son

Some of the appellation words in Slovene or Chinese have the same pronunciation, but with different writing styles, like Mama-妈妈-Mom, which is easier for us to learn and remember. From that, So we know the progress of the culture of the world is a process to learn from each other.

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