Metso library

Our second meeting was in Metso library in the town centre. The library is very large, but we managed to find the section with books written in English. We looked for one book, that Hamza was looking for, and finally we found it. After that we found some chairs to sit down and have a talk.

We both agreed that I really need to speak English to become better at it, so we came up with idea, that each time we are going to discuss about a different subject and talk all the things that comes to our minds about that. This time we talked about education and culture differences. It was so interesting to hear how things work in Pakistan. I learned what they usually eat, how they dress, how long the school takes and for example how important school is. And then I told how things work in Finland. I have noticed that for me it´s sometimes hard to explain about school system in English, because they different so much in different countries and some of the names are different. Time was flying when we had a lot to talk about, so we talked over an hour and then we went home.

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