Our third meeting was at bistro Puisto. It is recently opened to downtown right next to bridge of tammerkoski. Our original plan was to go bowling but Viivi and I got lazy. So we decided to test the bistro. Place was full of people, we barely got seats. I loved the decor and atmosphere. I ate croissant and tea, Viivi took raw cake piece and espresso (which was half of normal espresso cup) ūüėÄ Irene took only latte and cookie because it was spanish snack time.

Finnish – English – Spanish

Week days

Maanantai  Рmonday Рlunes

Tiistai – tuesday – martes

Keskiviikko Рwednesday Рmiércoles

Torstai – thursday – jueves

Perjantai – friday – virnes

Lauantai – saturday – s√°bado

Sunnuntai – sunday – domingo


Tammikuu – january – enero

Helmikuu – february – febrero

Maaliskuu – march – marzo

Huhtikuu – april – abril

Toukokuu – may – mayo

Kesäkuu Рjune Рjunio

Heinäkuu Рjuly Рjulio

Elokuu – august -agosto

Syyskuu – september – septiembre

Lokakuu – october – octubre

Marraskuu – november – noviembre

Joulukuu – december – diciembre



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