Second meeting: schoolsystems

  1. Today we met at Tamk and we decided to choose one subject and talk about that. Our subject was schoolsystems in Finland and in Portugal. I think that it is really interesting to hear about different kind of schoolsystems and compare those to the finnish one. I found out that there are many similarities between finnish and portuguese school systems but also some differences. We put those systems on the paper so it is easier to tell about it to each other and also it is easier to understand when other person explains it. We also talked about some other stuff consering to school like school uniforms, vacations and so on. I realised that it is a little bit difficult to talk about some certain things that are common in Finland because I’m not sure if there even is an english word for that. But I’m glad that I could just ask Tiiu uf I needed help with english because she is so good in english:D
  2. Finnish schoolsystem

    Portuguese schoolsystem

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