Sixth meeting – conjugations

Today Ignasi requested we would practice verb conjugations, since he was having a hard time with those. I decided I want to practice the same thing with Spanish as well. Even though I know the conjugations pretty well, it’s been a while since I actually practiced doing them (other than in the context of some random sentence) so I thought it can’t hurt.

There are three verb types in Spanish. Type one is verbs that end with -AR, type two with -ER and type three with -IR. The conjugation is similar to Finnish in its method, since each pronoun has to be paired with a different conjugation of the verb. Finnish has twice as many verb types, though.

The difficulty with Spanish is that there are many irregularities in the conjugations, and they don’t apply to each conjugation of the same verb. For example the first-person version of poner (to put) is pongo instead of “pono” (which would be the logical conclusion), yet the “g” does not carry out for the rest of the conjugations. I was surprised with how many irregularities I remembered though! A bigger problem turned out to be the accent. I wanted to put it on top of the letter “i” even in type one verbs, even though you’re not supposed to. I wrote down the rules for the accents to reference later.

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