Our very first meeting happened at Dada Restaurant on 16th of February, just before the Stockholm Cruise. We wanted to get things serious before we were going to have some fun. The meeting should’ve been only about making an ‘’Each one teach one Road Map’’ but we did that pretty fast and we had plenty of time to talk about the first subject. I liked that a lot because I like to be time efficient and luckily it was proven that my partner is as well. I am not sure yet if this was a cultural similarity or just an interpersonal one  but it was definetly a good encouraging start.

After we talked things through, we’ve decided that the first subject we need to talk about is ‘’One’s short lifetime story’’. It seemed a very good starting point on understanding the very first cultural similarities and differences. By doing so I have learned that Spanish and Romanian culture is similar in many ways. Both cultures have same ideas on childhood activities, primary education, post education opportunities and threats. Anyhow, I would have never guessed that politically and economically wise everything was the same. Of course we are not talking about same numbers regarding economy but we are talking about equally bad salaries, unemployment rate somewhat close – even though we did not share any numbers here it is more like the opinion of the crowd about certain aspects. It is actually interesting how both of us talked about the government in our life story since it forced us to take certain decisions about our career and studies. Talking about school systems there are significant differences but the idea is oddly the same ‘’if you don’t study you don’t have a chance – if you study you are still somewhat there – a diploma does not matter that much’’.

In the end through my partner’s short story I have learned a lot about Spanish mentality, way of living and culture. When we finished our stories we were both happy and amazed by the other’s points of view and we were definetly looking forward to our next meeting.

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