9th meeting – swear words

As this one was our second last meeting, we decided to finally do the swear word lesson we talked about in the beginning. We actually had this meeting in ravintola Näsinneula over some (pretty expensive) coffee. Fancy!

We started off with the Spanish swear words. The most common exclamations that roughly translate to “fuck”, are coño and cojones. Then there’s of course stuff like mierda (shit) and puta/o (bitch/fuck(ing)). When it comes to insults, idiota (self explanatory) and imbécil (also self explanatory) are common, as well as capullo (moron), which is only really used for men though. Gilipollas (asshole) and hijo/a de puta (bitch) can be used for anyone, and vete a la mierda means “fuck off”. Now I can hopefully swear fluently, shall I ever end up in Spain.

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