The Last Meeting of our Course

It is the final meeting of our each one teach one course. We were gathered at the TAMK cafeteria and talked something about the transportation. Here are some basic vocabulary of the transportation:

English Slovene Chinese
Bike Kolo 自行车
Car AUTO 汽车
Bus Autobus/Bus 公交车
Taxi Taksi 出租车
Tram Tram 电车
Subway Podzemna 地铁
Airplane Letalo 飞机
ship Ladja 轮船
Train Vlak 火车
Motorcycle Motor 摩托车


Through the transportation, we could predict a country’s development, because most of the Chinese would ride their bike on the rode before the reform, forty years later, we have every thing of the transportation as the western countries have. And the high speed train is the most common transportation in China, the speed could reach to 400Km/ h,which means it just cost you almost 3 hours from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Timi was so surprise to hear that and he want to try the speed train once in China.

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