Aleksanteri church and library

For our seventh meeting, we met at the town centre. First, we went with Hamza to Aleksanteri church. Both of us has never been there so it was a great experience. The church was really beautiful and big. Hamza has never visited a church in Finland before, so we sat there around 10 minutes and I explained him some basic things about our church. There were 2 people besides us and it was really quiet.

After visiting the church, we went to the Metso-library because Elize has never been there. We went straight to the foreign language section and found some interesting languages. There were books written in both Hamzas and also Elizes home languages. After going through the books, we went to the music section. It was huge and we found some stuff from old and new artists. Then we went to library café and sat on the table. Hamza and Elize talked in Finnish, and I helped them with their tiny mistakes. Mostly they discussed with each other and I was just listening. After that we talked about different cultures and for example how people greet in different countries. It was interesting to found out new things and how much these little things can change if you go to different country.

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