Our 9.meeting

Our ninth meeting was hold in Tamk Y-campus. We had little problems to find free time for all three of us to meet together, but luckly we were able to arrange it.  It was really quiet, because most of the students are already finished with their school. That was good for us, so there was enough space and not too much voice around us. Elize and Hamza already know how to say the basic things in Finnish, so this time we had something else. Elize had her Finnish talking exam coming, so we went through the questions she had written on the paper. Those were for example

  • Mitä syöt yleensä aamupalaksi? (What do you usually eat in the morning?)
  • Mitä suunnitelmia sinulla on kesäksi? (What plans do you have for summer?)
  • Millainen sää ulkona on? (What is the weather like outside?)
  • Mitä tykkäät tehdä vapaa-aikanasi? (What do you like to do on your free time?)

Hamza and Elize both answered the questions and helped each other. This practise was also good and helped them to understand Finnish because I always asked the questions in Finnish. We planned our last meeting for the next day.

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