At first I must say that I’m very interested in German language but still it has been a huge step for me (a really shy guy) to get in to a thing like this. There was a big iceberg in front of me before I decided to sign up for this course. But I did, and I’m never going to regret that decision! I have been studying German for 7 years, but it has been a long time ago (in the last millennium). So I know the basics, but I have forgotten German words quite a lot.

At the first meeting we talked a lot in English and we did take short German lessons every now and then, it was actually quite fun! We also talked about ourselves so we get to know each other. We were in a lunch bar and we ate some breakfast (das Frühstück). I did learn some German words and some grammar rules, and they started to come back in to my mind. I can feel my German skills going up, but on the other hand I noticed my English skills are not so high what I thought. ;D

I think the best way for me to learn German is to just conversate in German as much as possible. They say that you can’t put any information to anyone’s head by using force, but you must grab the information willingly and pull it in to the head yourself. This kind of meetings works for me, when I’m actually “asking” for teaching and therefore it’s me who is responsible for receiving it.

So the ice has started to melt, and I’m very excited about future meetings! The other group members are so nice and positive about this too! Ich möchte viel Deutsch lernen!


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