First Meeting FIN-RUS

I wanted to show Maksim and Yulia my favorite place in Tampere: Public House HUURRE. It is a charismatic brewery with food and music in my taste. Because of the construction, the place was little bit hard to find but finally my new friends found me sitting at the table in Huurre. I was little nervous because it was our first meeting.

We discussed our backgrounds and families while we ate.  We watched maps and pictures and ordered some drinks. На здаровье! Then we decided to play Alias because we thought it would be a funny way to learn languages.  First it was little difficult to figure out the rules but then we decided that Yulia could explain the words in Finnish and Maksim and I could try to explain the words in Russian. xD I noticed very soon that my Russian is soooo rusty because I hadn’t spoken the language after high school.

We had a great laugh and I learned new words for example картофель фри which means fried potatoes = french fries. We also found out similarities between Finnish and Russian language for example ремонт “remont” = remontti  and турма “turma” = tyrmä (vankila)


After 3 hours we left home because Yulia had to work next morning. In my opinion, the first meeting was really nice СУПЕР!


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