Shopping and making fun of Finnish

Meguru and I met for the second time at Prisma on Saturday 15th. We went there looking for a raincoat for Meguru and talked about the items we saw around us in Japanese. Meguru taught me words I didn’t know before, such as カボチャ (kabocha, pumpkin) and 砂糖税金 (satou zeikin, sugar tax).

I’d expected the price tags at the store to be useful for teaching Finnish, but it wasn’t exactly so. Many of them had brand names, really specific Finnish vocabulary or abbreviations on them.

When we met for the first time, Meguru gave me Japanese miso-soup, so this time I bought him Finnish porridge. Both are instant meals prepared by adding hot water, so they’re an easy way to try foreign cuisine.

After shopping we went to the restaurant Oksa at Prisma to have a cup of coffee. There was a menu in the table so I taught Meguru some food vocabulary from it. The menu was a lot easier to use for teaching compared to the price tags which I had been planning to use. I also taught more numbers and we practiced greetings.

Then Meguru showed a blog post which had funny photos and memes about Finnish people and language, and we talked about them. We agreed that some of them are  accurate, for example the way Finnish people wait for a bus, and some are pretty exaggerated but still fun 😀

Some of the images made fun of how two different words can sound the same in Finnish. The same applies to Japanese: when we were talking and Meguru asked if I know the word “akita”, I was confused why he would talk about Akita-prefecture (a region in Japan), and also remembered Akita Inu -dog breed. Meguru taught me that “akiru” is a verb, and akita means “got tired of, lost interest in”.

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