last Monday,we went to the sky bar in the Tampere city center.That is really a good experience in my life.

Actually  this is our first offical meeting during this long time.last time we just meet at a small class room at TAMK,but we have class then so we just decided something in a hurry,and we didn’t have a heart to heart talk ,whatever this time is very wonderful.

Jenny brought her friend and boyfriend ,I also brought my friend together,so our group is about 6 member actually,hahahah.we offered some drinks,like coffee ,juice and tea,but I got one thing that the Finnish coffee is a little wired ,I remember last time we tried it in our school dinning hall,wow and I don’t know how to describe the taste.

The sky bar is very beautiful,we can see the city landscape though the glasses all around,though I am a little afraid of the hight,but to tell the truth,it is very impressed.I remembered that last Monday is very windy,the wind blew very hard,but the sky bar is pretty warm .

For the first time we did learn a lot and things are as follow:

Monday-Maanantai             Tuesday-Tiistai          Wednesday-Keskiviikko  Thursday-Torstai Friday-Perjantai     Saturday-Lauantai       Sunday-Sunnuntai

JAN.-Tammikuu    Feb.-helmikuu    Mar.-maaliskuu   Apr.-Huhtikuu  May.-Toukokuu Jun.-Kesakuu  Jul.-Heinakuu  Aug.-Elokuu  Sept.-Syyskuu  Oct.-lokakuu   Nov.-Marraskuu    Dec.-Joulukuu            I love you-mina rakastan sinua

and there is one of our picture 


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