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We went to Prisma market. I think this session was awesome because finally I knew what I was buying all this time. Sometimes I tried to buy something and I ended up buying a totally different thing.

We learn some basics words.

Banana: Banaani

Fruit: Hedelmä

Onion: Sipuli

Lettuce: Salaatti

Tomato: Tomaatti

Avocado: Avokado

Meat: Liha

Chicken: Kana

Fish: Kala

Salmon: Lohi

Sausage :Makkara

But even though I learned some words, still being difficult to remember all the new words learned.

Studying at the library

As we all have different schedules and things to do, it´s not always easy to find a date, which fits for everyone. Right after the first meeting we all agreed with meeting each other regularly. Last week Hanna was very busy, but Antero and I decided to meet in the library, for a special reason. We have a new member in our Each One Teach One – group! 🙂

Cindy extended our group, so we are now two finnish and two german teacher/learner. Before our meeting we exchanged messages and all agreed to meet at the library to repeat the experiences from the last meetings, so that Cindy knows what we have done so far and what our expectations are and of course we talked about her thoughts too.

As we found out that it is difficult to really memorize the new learned vocabulary and phrases which we learn during our meetings, we want to make vocabulary lists and lists with daily phrases or whatever seems important to us. At the library we talked about it and could learn a lot more words. I think after this meeting I really started to memorize the used words, especially because Hanna and Antero teached them already and with repeating them or writing them down it helps me to get to know the language easier.

We teach and learn at the same time, which makes it a lot more fun as we find out that there are always some similarities between the two languages (Alphabet for example).

I`m really Looking forward to the next meeting, where all four of us come together. Even if it was just an expectation that we met without Hanna, the next meetings should be as a whole group.

First meeting

Hallo, ich bin Hanna! Was geht?

We met for the first time with my group in Kaffila cafe for a breakfast.

We got to know each other and learned more about cultures in Finland and in Germany and discussed about the differences in our countries.

While having breakfast we studied some food words and different foods.

Everyone in our group is good making conversition so we had some really good discussions and created the teamspirit!


Fazer Cafe


For our first meeting we decided to see each other at Fazer Cafe on Monday, 17th September. I really liked this place because I love coffee, I think drank many cups of it, also I love Fazer chocolates and this time I asked to the cashier for a recommendation and she told me that I should try liquorice coverd with chocolate, we shared some of these and it was cool, because this was something new for all of us. I don’t love liquorice but with chocolate the taste was better and nice.

I enjoyed this meeting because we talked a lot about our cultures, things and how it is life in each country. It is really interesting for me to talk about this and also it’s great to have the opportunity to discover different perspectives and ways of thinking among people from different places.

About the teaching process, we reviewed some expressions and words that we already knew from each language and we learnt numbers from 1-10 in Spanish and German, looking at the difference between numbers in Spanish and Italian, as the difference between the pronunciation for numbers in Swiss German and German.

Also as Spanish speakers we tried to teach the difference between verbs ser and estar, this was really difficult to explain but I hope we can explain better both verbs and practice them in the next meetings so they will be clearer.

Munkkeja, kahveeta ja myrskyn silmässä oleskelua

On Saturday 22.9.2018 we were planning to go Pyynikin näkötorni but in fear of storm (which never came) Ilona, Yulia and I went to eat fresh dougnuts in cafe near Keskustori. I was late for few minutes but quickly foud place. They had already ordered dougnuts with cappuccinos and i desided do order same.

Eating and talking in english Ilona was curious about what some words were in russian and vice versa. It refreshed my own memory as well. Yulia quickly translated any word thrown at her. Dougnut: пончик. I almost had no change to think about it. Didn’t actually know half of the words she translated. Might be good idea to bring notebook with me next time and write those down 🙂

After cup of coffee, dougnut, sugar cover on lips and pictures we decided to go shopping in Sokos market in hope of learning more of everyday items like косметика, мыло и грибы (kosmetiikka, saippua ja sienet). Thought I might as well bought some stuff and learn new phraces.

We saw moomin-figures and talked about how they differ from each other and which ones we like best. I almost thought about buying few but then i remembered i don’t own cat or dog.

While having conversation Yulia got message she had to go a party in Union with her classmates. We wanted to go sit in pub so we go to see if bar Roska was open. It was not but i knew good place to go sit for a while so we entered Oluthuone: block away from Roska. We chat little bit about school, work, and travelling. Hockey and gang fighting. Russian and finnish culture. I show few pictures from my last journey to Moscow and City of Saransk and gave some opinions how to safely travel in Russia. Ilona had to leave with her friend to get ride home and I desided to take a bus also.

Overall very teachful experience. I learned many new words and we taught Yulia what word няяс (nääs) means and when and how to use it accordingly it. It worked out beautifully. Now she is at least half tamperelainen (тампереиский резидент). Спасибо!

Sky Bar (Finnish-German)

Hello everyone! Our first meeting took a place at Moro Sky Bar at Torni -hotel. Our Each 1 Teach 1 -group has three people, me (Jan-Henrik), Christin and Hamza. I am teaching Finnish and Christin is teaching German.

First we talked about how our cultures differ from each other.  I learned that German people are not so different from Finnish people but they might be little more extroverts.

At our first meeting i taught Finnish. We started with basics like how to greet people. Then i taught personal pronouns and how to use them in different sentences.  We talked a lot about how much spoken language can differ from written language in Finnish.

Next time Christin will teach us German and we are going to meet at Arboretum park.

Supermarket day

Hi! This Monday, the 17th of September, one week after the first meeting, we went to the supermarket. For the Spanish girls we are living here now, knowing the name of the food we want to buy is very useful, so we decided that going to the supermarket should be one thing we had to do first than other activities.

We went to Prisma Kaleva, a really big supermarket here in Tampere. We all took our basket and we went inside the market. We started to ask Anni a lot of vocabulary, mostly about food, at the same time we told her to translate into Spanish. It was a little complicated to memorize all the names or to write them down in a notebook (we were busy, in the middle of the market), so we decided to write the words in our Whatsapp’s group; Anni put the worlds in English and Finnish, and we answered her messages with the Spanish translation. This was a great idea which lead us to learn a lot of words and save time.

We learnt some basic words as: liha (meat), kana (chicken), makkara (sausage), kalkkuna (turkey), kala (fish), lohi (salmon), juusto (cheese), milk (maito), salaatti (salad), hedelmä (fruit) or hillo (jam). I also learnt some names of food which I don’t like eating (like sipuli or valkosipuli) and I am very happy of it. Now, if I see some of these ingredients in the menu of a restaurant, I will know that I am not going to enjoy this food, so I will order another plate I can eat with pleasure.

Tour around the Metso library and studying

Yesterday we met the second time with GaYeon and JunHyeok. We met at the Metso library and I gave them a quick tour around the library, starting form the bottom floor and going up to the third floor. The library is more or less familiar for me (I usually go to the music section) but I think the explaining of what is where went just fine.

We found some books in Korean, and books about Korea.  I think both JunHyeok and Gayeon were a bit surprised that there were books about North Korea as well. In the language section, where you go if you want to learn languages, were some books about learning Korean, but they were only in English.

After the tour we went to the Metso cafeteria on the third floor to study. There I noticed, that the material that I had prepared, I had only printed out for GaYeon and JunHyeok. It would have been easier to teach if I would have printed the material for myself also. But maybe I’ll remember to do so next time!

This time we started with Korean, because last time we started with Finnish. The first picture shows a list of Korean letters, and words starting with those letters. In my opinion the list is great for me to practice different sounds. For some reason the Korean vowels are easier for me to learn than reading the consonants, but practice makes perfect. 🙂

When we went through the list I also taught the Finnish equivalent for every word, and some of the words on the list were also on the material that I had prepared for our meeting. It was a bit tough for me to think the “perfect” Finnish translation, so I used Google Translate app on my phone to help me. On the material I gave them there were a list of food related words and a small discussion.

GaYeon also goes to Finnish lessons, so she had learned some of the words already, but for JunHyeok there seemed to be quite a lot of new words to go through.  I hope I didn’t go too fast when I taught.

Overall I think we are getting comfortable with each other, which is really nice to notice, and I look forward to see them next Friday.


Day 2. Meeting At Library

Today, I met my friends in the Metso Library, the largest library in Tampere. I was just passing by on my way to school, but when I came there, it was bigger than I thought. we looked around from 1st floor to 3rd floor. The most impressive thing was the paintings on the wall.

It was interesting to watch because there were wonderful paintings hung there as if I was at an exhibition. Especially, the picture I took was so impressive that I wanted to bring my house.

After looking at all the first floor, we went up to the second floor, and I was surprised to find an unexpected Korean book there.

Of course, there were few books, but I was surprised and pleased to see a book printed in foreign languages. When I was very pleased, Luara found all the Korean books in the library together. Some books are popular in Korea, and there are books related to Korean culture and history, so I wanted to read them later. We went to the 3rd floor after looking around the 2nd floor, which was really amazing, because I could practice musical instruments there.

There is a large library in Korea, but there are no places to play musical instruments. So I was impressed with the service in Finland. I really wanted to play the piano later.

After finishing the library tour, we had time to learn each other’s language in the cafe like last time. Today we had time learn each other’s words.

The range of words was so wide that I was at a loss as to what to prepare. Laura was, as ever, thoroughly prepared. Thanks to her, studying Finnish was fun. The Finnish word was easy to combine when one word was known, and it was fun to study.

Although it is my second meeting, I am proud that I have become closer to her, and I look forward to meeting her next time.