Second meeting german-spanish in Rauhaniemi lake

Our second meeting was at the Rauhaniemi Lake, we decided to choose that place because is really nice and has a beautiful view.  We bought some snack like dounuts, moffins  and some chips. In this season we decided to talk about how introduce  ourselves.

One thing that I found interesting was how the words are pronounced in German, i haven’t learned german before but I tried to introuced myslef in german and it was a lit bit difficult, but my teacher (Sam) explained me how to pronounce the word in the correct form and how I should write.

Somenthing that I learned was how say “Ich bin Jose Pablo Lamas Velasco und ich bin 21 Jahre alt, Ich wurde in Mexiko geboren” that in english means ” i’m jose pablo llmas velasco and i have 21 years old, I was born in Mexico”. we teach sam how is the right way to introduced himself, first I gave some examples and then he tried to say that and we did it well.

All the meeting I’m tryinig to learn the basic things in german and some specific word and I’m trying to teach spanish in the correct way explaining to him the meaning and pronunciation of words in which he is interested.

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