A walk in Kauppi

For the 6th meeting, Meguru and I went walking in the Kauppi forest. Because there’s also a sports park in Kauppi, we saw people playing pesäpallo (Finnish baseball) and compared the differences between Finnish and Japanese baseball. Then we talked about sports classes in Finland and Japan.  Until high school, my class would go to Kauppi several times a year, to play baseball, to ski or to do orienteering in the forest. In Japan it’s not common to go to a forest during PE class, but they’d go mountain climbing once a year.

When we were standing next to a small spruce, I asked Meguru if he remembered what number 6 is in Finnish. He remembered it’s “kuusi”, and I taught him that spruce is also “kuusi” in Finnish.

I taught Meguru other nature related vocabulary, such as koivu (birch), käpy (cone) and aurinko (sun) and Meguru taught me them in Japanese. He remembered names of animals which I’d taught earlier, but unfortunately we couldn’t see any.  We saw some Finnish people picking mushrooms, though. The forest was a refreshing place for language exchange, but it was difficult to write things down for later.

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