Cinnamon buns and Karelian pies (Finnish-German)

For our fourth meeting we decided to go to Martins flat and bake Karelian pies and cinnamon buns. They are both very traditional in Finnish food culture and it was nice to bake something for the first time in a long time. I actually had made Karelian pies once before but I really didn’t have any knowledge of the right technique, so it was nice that we had our great teacher Pinja with us.

We all had prepared some learning material and this time we learned some baking vocabulary and phrases in German. I had prepared some Finnish every day phrases and a formula to clarify how the numbers “grow” from the number ten using different endings behind the numbers. Pinja had written a long word list including for example different berries and baking words.

Even tough it took us many hours to prepare the pastries it was a really fun night! The company was great and the Karelian pies and cinnamon buns turned out super tasty.

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