Rodeo Bar!

Our German-Spanish third meeting took place at Tampere’s bar Rodeo. Although it may seem strange, we were really looking forward to meeting each other in this kind of place, where we could enjoy from a different atmosphere. The cheap beer and free entrance till 11pm directly led us to that decision!

Before going to dance, we were able to learn different phrases and words connected to night life and clubs, as our meeting consisted of that. We taught to each other how to order some drinks, to ask where the toilet is, how you can start a little conversation with a person and so on.

Overall, this was what we learnt:

Beer – Bier
Wine – Wein
One beer please – Ein Bier bitte
Small – Klein
Big – Gross
Can I have a big beer please? – Kann ich bitte ein (accusative neutral)  grosses Bier haben?
Toilet – WC (ve-tze)
Where is the toilet? – Wo ist die (feminine nominative) WC?
Number – Nummer
Can I have your number please? – Kann ich bitte deine Nummer (accusative feminine) haben?
Do you speak Spanish? – Sprichst du Spanisch? / Kannst du Spanisch sprechen?

We can also see that the verbs always go at the end of the sentence.

Ah! We also learnt the colors, which I think it is a very important aspect of a language!

  • Red – rot
  • Blue – blau
  • Yellow – gelb
  • Brown – braun
  • Green – grün
  • White – weiss
  • Orange – orange
  • Puple – violett
  • Black – Schwarz

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