s-market & Pyynikki Observation Tower

last week, we went to a really beautiful place called Pyynikki Observation Tower,which is the first time that tony and jenny get together and become lovers,that is very romantic .

i remember that day was not very cold at all,we just hang out  around the tower ,the autumn in Tempere is very impressive ,you know that the fallen leaves on the ground ,and when you tread on it ,it sounds very good .

the wind is a little cold there,but it is OK for me,we took pictures together and see the  sun set together,that is absolutely amazing,i have to say that,I have never say such sunset in China ,oh god I love that place .

I guess that was Monday,and we meet again on Saturday in the sockos ,cause we heard that the shopping mall is having something discount,and actually,our Chinese students are working  in some Chinese restaurant ,so we are looking forward to learn something about the vegetable and meat which is very useful in the restaurant,so we just go to the S-market.

it is really a good experience for us cause we never go to the supermarket for learning ,that may be kind of funny,you know that ,usually,we go to the market to buy something like potatoes,tomatoes and so on,but this time ,we go to the market,like ,what is this ,How to say this in Finnish ,that is pretty cool.actually we did learn a lot of things all of us.

To tell the truth ,this experience is very fantastic,but it could be better if we dont have the work,cause we have to work at that time ,or we could stay for a longer time,cause  both my friend and i wanna stay with the foriegners  for a long time  so that we  could practice our spoken English ,and we are looking forward for the Finnish culture,but however ,maybe next time we can stay for a long time .

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