Study afternoon

This week we decided to meet at TAMK, as most of us were anyway here. As we agreed to learn more actively it´s a good decision to stay at TAMK as we have enough space to study some new words.

We splitted the time, so that all of us could learn and teach. This exchange is really good, as it gets frustrated after a while, when I don´t have any idea what the words could mean. After Cindy and I taught Antero and Hanna some german verbs, they started to conjugate them. They are doing a really great Job ! 🙂

After all, it was our turn to conjugate some finnish Verbs. At first I had some difficulties to get started, but I suddenly began to remember the processes and was happy when I was correct with some conjugations. 🙂 I realized that it takes some time, but also that I should learn more to achieve better language skills.

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