The Prestigious Rodeo Bar in Tampere (German – Spanish)

For our third meeting, we decided to head to Tampere’s Rodeo Bar (in the Finlayson building). Rodeo Bar has a main attraction: they serve beers for 1 euro between 21.00 and 23.00 on Fridays and Saturdays. Otherwise, the best way I can describe the interior design of Rodeo is a very tacky western saloon mixed with random space themes on LSD.

We used the occasion to practice the matching lingo: nightlife. We began with practising some useful subjects that can be used in a bar or a restaurant, such as ordering a drink and asking for a small or large beverage. We looked at some phrases that are used when introducing oneself (even as far as asking for a number, which of course was a practice for numbers again). After that, we also learned the colours, as we had not spoken about these before and it is a quite basic and useful part of the language.

So, here is a potential dialogue I might have in the future when I visit a Spanish speaking country: Hola, quiero pedir una cerveza grande por favor. Además, ¿podría decirme dónde está el baño? Bajo el signo rojo? ¡Gracias!

It was also the firs time I actually had heard a complete list of the different colours in Spanish, with some words I had never heard before, while some others sounded similar to the counterparts in English or German.

I felt that the learning and teaching experience went very well, even for the circumstances we were in (loud music and drinking, very social). We spent a large amount of time focusing solely on the phrases and used our WhatsApp group to exchange notes we had made during the meeting.

I was able to learn and complete some vocabulary that I had previously used before on visits to Mallorca, where I had ordered drinks and food.

Our group in Rodeo, with about 3 euros worth of beer on the table:

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