Spanish-German 4th meeting

Meeting this time was a little bit spontaneous because next week there are holidays, so we will be busy. The weather was not good; therefore, we arranged a meeting at Sam’s house. First of all, Jose, Emilio and Sam played PS4 while Leslie and I thought about what we could learn and made a list of things.

We thought that another important aspect of a language is food. Actually we all love food! So a list of things was made in our WhatsApp group and then we translated it into German and Spanish. What I realized again was that the Spanish from Mexico and from Spain differed in many words. For example in Spain to say peach we use the word melocotón, while in Mexico they use durazno; to say peanut we use cacahuete and in Mexico cacahuate; and a funny difference I found out was that Mexicans use “jitomate” to name a big usual tomato and “tomate” to name smaller one. In Spain no difference is made.

We then read all the words aloud and tried to learn different German pronunciation aspects. We laughed a lot because some words were very tricky for us. We also found the need of start learning the articles to later on being able to decline each word and article depending on its gender and case.

Here is a screenshot of our WhatsApp group with all the words we learnt and another one in which we enjoyed typical nachos with spicy Mexican sauce:

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