Study our languages and Go to curry party

We studied each language, Japanese and Finnish in Metso.

I taught him Japanese pronunciation like a, i, u, e, o. I thought Japanese is easy to learn because Japanese phonology (the sounds that make up the language) is really simple. There are only five basic vowel sounds, and the consonants are pretty basic as well. Compare that to English phonology. English phonology, especially the vowels, and much more complex than Japanese. Actually, I sometimes teach Japanese to people who have different mother tongue and I notice every person have different problems to pronounce words. But I’d say his pronunciation was quite nice so, I’d say he can speak Japanese soon.

On the other hand, I learned some Finnish word and grammar from him. For me some Finnish words were difficult to say. He showed me some example and after that I followed him. I have Finnish test on December and it was so good practice for that.

After that, we went to my Japanese friend house and joined the curry party. My friends brought individual special curries and ate several curries each together. And then, I learned many Finnish words from him and my Finnish friends. Also, we watched Japanese movie ‘Mononokehime’ together, actually I’ve seen it several times before, but this was the first time to watch it with English subtitle. It was very refreshing.

I hope this meeting was also nice for him.

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