one more time at TAMK

After the holiday break we had a little chat about the week and what we have done. As Hanna worked during this week on a cruise, she prepared some phrases used on a cruise or at any place tourists are. Together we translated them into German, as they are as well useful abroad or wherever German is spoken. This time we mainly focussed on useful phrases, so we learned some phrases in Finnish, we might need. For example, asking in which direction something is, asking to upload the buscard and so on. I will try to use these phrases in daily life. I think we all learned many new words, as we studied the last times also at TAMK. Sometimes it has become difficult to explain the used words or the meanings in German, because not everything can be explained that easy. Maybe I simply don´t know how to explain it, as it´s common for me and I just know it, as it´s my mother tongue. I guess this goes with every language, as some things are just the way they are without any plausible explanation. That´s why I think it was really helpful to study more intense, to get into the language easier.

Indeed, we need to do something different too, that´s why we arranged a nice evening together and I´m looking forward to it.

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