Ice skating

Today we met at Hervannas ice ring to do a bit ice skating.

If you arrive at the address you just see a small building which pretend to be the ice skating ring, but their for it is way to small. I forgot to take a picture outside but you can find one at google (

The 2 ice rings are underground so this building is just the entrance.

When we where skating we where talking about the cultural differences between our countries in doing sports especially how common it is to do ice skating or cross-country skiing. In Finland the most people either love ice skating or cross-country skiing. But it is not related to age of people.
In Germany I wasn’t able to tell them if we have these differences because I am more from the northern part of Germany where we don’t have enough snow to practice cross-country skiing. In Germany we have more the difference between the north and the south, in the south it is more common to practice winter sports and in the north more the water sports. But as it is more easy to travel now a days, many people going once or twice the year for winter sports.

Furthermore Vilma gave us a short taste of synchronous ice skating which she practiced some years ago. Pinja and me where not able to skate like Vilma.

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