Finnish dogs, Japanese books

On Thursday 25th, we had planned to study at Tampere University’s library Linna, but when we got there it was so full of people that we couldn’t find a place to sit down. We went walking around Sorsapuisto park, there were still some ducks in the pond so we practiced counting in Finnish – yksi sorsa, kaksi sorsaa…

I’ve felt that within the limited time of these meetings it’s difficult to teach vocabulary so that it’s easy to memorize.  That’s why in this meeting I introduced Meguru an app called Memrise which I’ve found useful in my own language studies. I had made a Finnish-Japanese course based on the words I had taught Meguru earlier, and then I showed him how to use the app to practice those words. I also gave him some Finnish-English handouts which I’d received from my friend Jenny.

After talking at the park we went to Sampola library to read Moomin comics in Finnish. Then it was time for me to take my family’s dogs on a walk, and Meguru agreed to come walk the dogs with me. We talked about how common having pets is both in Finland and Japan, and Meguru could practice Finnish with the dogs, such as ”istu” (sit), ”päivää” (”hello”, shake paw). I guess this is a bit different kind of EOTO experience.

Then we went shopping in Prisma Lielahti. Suprisingly, there were books written in Japanese in a free-to-take -cart in front of the library at Lielahtikeskus. One book about ayurveda for women and another about mental training for dance. We took a look at them, but as I’m not interested in the topics and they were a bit difficult to read, I left them there for the next lucky person to find.

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