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Tampere Festival–Fireworks!!

We went to the city center to enjoy the fireworks on Friday(26.10.2018) and That was the first time I saw too many persons in Tampere…I was so shocked.

Unfortunately,I was late for the show.There were some singers sang the songs before the fireworks but I didn’t have the chance to enjoy the songs.It also took me a long time to find my friends in the crowded. I had to say the fireworks were so beautiful!This also the first time I saw fireworks in Finland….an unforgettable memory!


It also took us a lot time to find Jenny and her friends in the crowded .After the fireworks,we hang around the city to have a sightseeing of interesting lights which were near the place of fireworks.We also went to the building of Finlayson and a cinema…I really want to watch a movie in it and eat the popcorn,but maybe the ticket is a little expensive.

We also arranged the next time we meet, see my friends next Wednesday:)


Fifth meeting (Finnish-German)

For our fifth meeting we decided to go ice skating to Hervanta ice rink. I really looked forward to this meeting because I did synchronized skating for twelve years and it had been a long time since I last was on the ice.

When I came to the ice rink I got a bit confused. I was expecting a big ice hall, but instead there was only this tiny building. The ice (there were actually two ice rinks and a cafe) was underground, so that explained it.

It was very wonderful to do ice skating even though it felt terrible to not be able to do all the tricks I once thought were easy. I got a bit distracted by the lovely ice and forgot to participate in the conversations with Martin and Pinja. I really enjoyed the time there and I decided to go there more often.

Finnish food for four

Yesterday we had our fifth meeting, so now we are half way through with our meetings that we have to write blog entries about.  It would be nice to meet more times, of course. Time has gone so fast!  This time Gayeon and Junhyeok came to my place to eat lunch, and I had prepared some Finnish foods for them to try.

So, the foods there were:

First picture, starting from the right: oven-baked sliced potatoes with butter, liver casserole, carrot casserole and Karelian stew.

Second picture, starting from the right: egg cheese aka sour milk cheese (which I had made myself), crushed lingonberries with sugar, Karelian pasties, salad and butter.

There are four plates on the table, because I live with my boyfriend, who ate with us, so there were four of us. For dessert there was berries (strawberries, raspberries and redcurrants) with whipped cream and quark mixture.

It was a bit difficult to come to conclusion of what foods to serve Junhyeok and Gayeon, but I got a lot of good suggestions from my friends and family. Also I searched Wikipedia about Finnish kitchen and traditional foods. I know what foods are traditional Finnish foods and what foods we eat in Finland, but it doesn’t mean that it would be easy to make a menu.

After we ate we studied bit of each other’s languages. This time I had prepared some words about living and some words about food also. They had prepared food related words for me. I think it is good that we have our own system of teaching words, there are column for word in Korean, English, and Finnish, so it is easy to teach and learn.

My teaching was pretty much just going through the pronunciations of the Finnish words with Gayeon and Junhyeok. They are getting the hang of pronouncing Finnish quite well. When I started to explain some words, I think I explained things the difficult way, but I hope they weren’t too confused. As a learner the writing part is the challenging part for me in learning Korean. Now it is quite a lot just replicating the words. Maybe I will slowly figure it out, hopefully!

I got a gift from Gayeon that had postcards, memos, a pencil, and face-masks in it. Thank you for the gift! All of the items are really sweet and beautiful.

Next week we are going to go for a concert, and talk about cultural aspects. I really look forward meeting Junhyeok and Gayeon next Friday! 😀



This time we enjoyed our time  at the Tampere Festival of Lights. I had trouble of finding them since there were so much people! There were music, light art and some fireworks! Li and Cui had their usual gang with them (Sisi and Huang).

It was very nice event even thought stage was little small and quite far away. Pete Parkkonen sung very nice love songs. Firework was amazing and more prettier than our Independence day celebrations. They said they liked it very much.

After event we walked around the city admiring lights of the city that were now lit. Because it was already so late, not many places were open. We talked about the purpose of the Light Festival, little bit of local history and just general stuff.

We ended up going to Plevna Cinema to warm up and decided our next meeting date.

(Picture is from Valoviikot facebook page, I forgot to take fotos :<)

Ice skating

Today we met at Hervannas ice ring to do a bit ice skating.

If you arrive at the address you just see a small building which pretend to be the ice skating ring, but their for it is way to small. I forgot to take a picture outside but you can find one at google (

The 2 ice rings are underground so this building is just the entrance.

When we where skating we where talking about the cultural differences between our countries in doing sports especially how common it is to do ice skating or cross-country skiing. In Finland the most people either love ice skating or cross-country skiing. But it is not related to age of people.
In Germany I wasn’t able to tell them if we have these differences because I am more from the northern part of Germany where we don’t have enough snow to practice cross-country skiing. In Germany we have more the difference between the north and the south, in the south it is more common to practice winter sports and in the north more the water sports. But as it is more easy to travel now a days, many people going once or twice the year for winter sports.

Furthermore Vilma gave us a short taste of synchronous ice skating which she practiced some years ago. Pinja and me where not able to skate like Vilma.

Movie time!!

I was waiting for the day of this meeting, the other day was movie day. Watching movies is one of the things I like to do the most and I loved doing it with my classmates.

We met at Anni’s house, we prepared popcorn and chips to watch the movie, but as always, we ate almost everything before the movie haha ​​started. We had some other problem to find the movie in Spanish with subtitles in English, but after a while we got to see it.

The movie we chose was Coco, it’s a cartoon movie about a Mexican boy who wants to be a musician, but his family hates music and they forbid it. As a result of that, a series of very funny and beautiful things happen that I recommend you to see. (I do not want to reveal anything)

Due to the lack of time and how long it took us to start, we could not finish seeing it. Even so, I have seen it and I recommend it to everyone. It has helped us to know a little more about the Mexican culture, something that interests us also because in the group there is a Mexican girl.

Learning vocabulary with songs!

The other day, we met again at TAMK as we wanted to repeat the study day and learn new interesting words. This time we decided to do it in a more fun way.

We chose a song in Finnish first, we listened to it whole and then we listened to it again, but this time we stopped it and at the same time Anni explained the meaning of the words. We decided to do it with children’s songs since it seemed easier to us. Then we did the same but with a song in Spanish.

The truth that I thought was a great idea and was a very fun afternoon because it was funny to know the literal meaning of the words of the songs.

In the end we ended up showing different kinds of ridiculous songs that were in each of the countries, it was a very fun moment because we could not stop laughing. Every time I am happier to have chosen this course, we always learn new things and we had a really good time.

                                                Käy muumilaaksoon                                                                             Susanita tiene un ratón 

one more time at TAMK

After the holiday break we had a little chat about the week and what we have done. As Hanna worked during this week on a cruise, she prepared some phrases used on a cruise or at any place tourists are. Together we translated them into German, as they are as well useful abroad or wherever German is spoken. This time we mainly focussed on useful phrases, so we learned some phrases in Finnish, we might need. For example, asking in which direction something is, asking to upload the buscard and so on. I will try to use these phrases in daily life. I think we all learned many new words, as we studied the last times also at TAMK. Sometimes it has become difficult to explain the used words or the meanings in German, because not everything can be explained that easy. Maybe I simply don´t know how to explain it, as it´s common for me and I just know it, as it´s my mother tongue. I guess this goes with every language, as some things are just the way they are without any plausible explanation. That´s why I think it was really helpful to study more intense, to get into the language easier.

Indeed, we need to do something different too, that´s why we arranged a nice evening together and I´m looking forward to it.

meeting at school 4,5,6

I will do one post about three of our meetings because they were quite similar.

We have met three times at school and we have studied a lot different words and different word endings. This was really good advantage for me because I had my German exam where we had to learn these same things so it helped me a lot. We also used my German schoolbooks to learn words and sentences from it.

Melanie had prepared a paper with verbs ant conjugations for us where we learned the words from English to Finnish and German. I think both languages are not always very logical, and you just have to remember a lot of words and grammatical rules. But it is going to be better with time and patient.

We had fifth meeting at school after fall break and we agreed to think of some useful sentences that we can practice. I am working in a cruise ship and we had quite many german passengers this time so I had to use german as well. That’s why the sentences I chose to for us to practice were a lot based on that. For example ” Can I help you with anything” “welcome back and have a pleasant journey” . I wrote everything on a paper which I am going to take with me for the next time I go to cruiser so I can use it.

Furniture and famous meatballs

This time our plan was to go to Ikea, to learn furniture (家具, huonekalut) vocabulary and try their meatballs (ミートボール, lihapullat) which are famous even in Japan.

We walked around the furniture exhibition, pointed at items around us and asked each other what that item was called in Finnish or Japanese. It was easy to repeat practicing the same words, because there were many rooms which had the same items in them. Also the price tags had the words in Finnish so that was helpful for teaching.

In the photo you can see: matto – マット(matto), lamppu – ランプ (ranpu),  sohva – ソファ (sofa)…

It’s great to be able to ask from a native speaker which words are commonly used, because when I looked up some words in a dictionary, it gave several options which Meguru said he wouldn’t use or hadn’t even heard of before. I could even learn some specific vocabulary related to what I’m studying at Tamk, such as 水道 / 蛇口 (faucet) and 換気扇 (ventilation fan), which are unlikely to show up in a textbook.

On a bus on the way back from Ikea we noticed that we couldn’t remember the words that well anymore, so we went to a library to write them down. We also practiced Japanese pronunciation.