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Clothes & Golden Unicorn

After a weeks break, we could arrange our schedules and meeted at Ratina Shopping Center. This time the agenda was to learn clothes, colours and accessories. We had prepared short papers for each other with most common clothes and colors in english-finnish and english-chinese.

I learned that colors forms describing word +sè. Like grey is “dirty color”, so it’s Huī sè. Same goes for many clothes, example pants and shirts. Duǎnkù (=shorts),  “Duǎn-“ is short and “-kù” at the end means pants, so short pants.

After a long visit in Kappahl, we were all so hungry that we went for lunch in Golden Unicorn (Li’s and Huang’s workplace). Food was so delicious! I really loved fried chicken and ice cream with fried banana.



Food in German and Spanish, Fourth meeting

In this meeting we decided to meet in the department of sam and the theme of this meeting was about food, we started talking about how to say some fruits in German, for me it was a bit complicated because the pronunciation of some fruits is strange and I had to repeat them several times, and in turn we explained to Sam the pronunciation of the fruits in Spanish, and also learned different types of food in both languages, then we talked about the typical food of our countries and it was interesting to know the different dishes of each one.

We had a fun time playing playstation and eating some chips with Mexican sauce and another spicy sauce, it was fun to see how it stung.

Tranditional food is the best way to learn culture!

During the holidays, we decide to meet again to learn something about our table manners! So we choose Thursday night to have a dinner with each other, and I also take my friend LEE together to cook our tranditional food. (Because I AM NOT good at cooking, what a shame…)

And we invited Moe to my friend’s home and then we ate together,  I also tries the Japanese tranditional food named Miso soup! IT TASTED GOOD!! I couldn’t  describe the decilious smell use my own language! Maybe try it could learn how decilious it would be! We also cook “La-zi Chicken“(Moe said it’s a little spicy), “Candied sweet potatoes“, “Fried dumplings” and “Tea-Milk“. After all, almost of them would cooked by Lee.

And during the eating time, we talked about our diffierent table manners. It’s interesting that Japanese would say “いただきます(i ta da ki ma su)(I’m gonna start now)

And after that I came to Moe’s apartment and we learn the color together and a little daily talking together! What an amazing and happy night!

Shopping mall and Chinese food!

The day before yesterday(20.10.2018) we went to Ratina shopping center and we learned colors and the names of different clothes.Jenny also printed the paper of the things we need to learn…love her very much~

After that was the time we need to have lunch,so we went to Golden Unicorn which was near to the Ratina. At that place,we enjoyed some traditional Chinese dishes and I thought all of us liked the food in this restaurant.Besides,Toni said he would come again because of the good food…maybe I will also come again and I love the food there.At that day,I was very full when I finished eating.What a delicious food!

Finally,Toni send Li and me chocolates as the gifts,so nice!!! Unfortunately,I had to go early because of the part-time job..or I  would stay with them longer.

Ratina & Golden Unicorn

This week ,we have the Autumn holiday,but unfortunately we both have the part time job to do,cause this is a pretty common thing for Chinese student to do the part time job,which costed most of our time in the holiday.

however, Jenny and Tony decided to teach us some color and cloth ,so we went to the Ratina who has something on sale,so we went around the ratina at about 11,it is pretty funny for us that we went to the shopping mall,but we bought nothing .we go around the shopping mall just to learn what is this hahhahah,what is that.

After hanging in the Ratina,Cui and i invited Jenny and Tony to the place where I am working,one of the oldest Chinese restaurant in Tempere,the Golden Unicorn.In my opinion ,the food in the restaurant is very nice,and we both have a wonderful time although we have some culture differences between Chinese and Finnish people,one of the funny things is that eating a lot is very popular in China when you have meal with other people to show that the food is very good,but may be not in Finland hahahah,Jenny and Tony thought i was very hungry ,that is pretty funny .

by the way,it is very nice of Jenny and Tony to bring us some chocolate ,very delicious ,thanks buddy !

Go to supermarket!

Long times  ago(6.10.2018),we went to the s-market in the sokos. Sorry I forget to write down the blog:( But Jenny taught us foods’ name in Finnish and we also hung out the market.Besides,I have to say Jenny was so considerate,she printed the paper of their names for us.We learned many things at that day,from fruit to meat….:)

Really a nice day!

Coco, the movie

Hi! Last Sunday, 14th of October, we decided to do something different. In the afternoon, we went to Anni’s house because she was the one with more space in the living room, something we needed: we wanted to watch Coco, the computer-animated fantasy film.

We decided to watch it in Spanish and with English subtitles, so that Anni could improve her Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation. First, we made a list with some vocabulary about cinema and TV. It was very interesting, especially for Georgina and me, because we are both studying Audiovisual Communication and we learnt some basic vocabulary that maybe we’ll need at the university. Some words I learnt are: elokuva (movie), näyttelijä (actor), valo (light) or musiikki (music). We also talked about the movie genres, such as romantic, action, horror or comedy.

We had some problems to find the movie in the language we wanted and we didn’t have enough time to watch it all. Nevertheless, we enjoyed a lot watching the film altogether, eating some crisps and drinking some juice using moomins cups.

Fun and Games

On our third meeting we met for lunch and went afterwards to the oasis in UTA to play some board games. We decided to play CATAN, because there weren’t much finnish cards to translate and Valentin knew the rules. For me it was the first time i played this game and it was so much fun. You have to be the first player who gets 10 points and you can earn these points by building roads and villages or cities. To do so you need resources as brick, stone, weed and sheep. Unfortunately i lost the game, but that is ok.

We used this opportunity to learn new vocabulary and refresh the old one around the topic of board games. We translated phrases like ” It’s your turn” and ” roll the dice”. In addition to that we had a repetition according to numbers.

Quinta quedada – The movie night

We planned to see a movie to have some fun time together. We decided to watch Disney’s Coco. We thought it would be good, because it’s about Mexican culture. We searched for a version with Spanish voice over and English subtitles.

Before watching the movie we went through some words about film industry. Alejandra had also made a list for me; a list of family members in Spanish, so I could understand a bit more. I learned words like papá, mamá, hermano, hermana, abuelo and abuela. Alejanda also made me a task to complete the words of Recuédame, Remember me.

We had some trouble with the movie, so we didn’t have time to watch it till the end. I still think this was a fun way to learn about Mexican culture. And I think this time I was more a student than a teacher.

Two similar meetings

I will squeeze two meetings in to this post, because we had two very similar meetings on two consecutive days in the same spot. We met in TAMK on 8.10. and 9.10. and me and Hanna learned German and Finnish verbs and conjugations. Melanie had prepared a paper with some verbs and their conjugations, some more verbs without their conjugations (so you have to write them down yourself), and more empty spaces for more verbs. Meetings were quite short, so we continued to fill the paper on the other day.

Cindy and Melanie also learned Finnish verbs and conjugations. I think we all noticed some kind of logic in singular and plural persons, in both Finnish and German language. But still I think both languages are not always very logical, and you just have to remember a lot of words and grammatical rules. More words to memorize. I have already learned a lot of words (and some phrases), but still it feels like there is an enormous amount of words to memorize. But I really wish to learn German as much as possible. Worse thing would be that I won’t have enough words to learn, so I have to think positive! 😉  I can do it! Ich kann es tun!

P.S. I have changed my computer language to German (it forces me to learn words), and yesterday I wached the first Men in Black movie with German audio and subtitles 😀 (one of the very few movies in my collection, which includes the German audio and subtitles). Didn’t understand much though, because the German speech was really fast, and not every word was written in subtitles. But I’m looking happily forward to learn more! Gib mir mehr Deutsch!