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Autumn colors and the lake

I wanted to take a bus and to sit a seat until final destination. I told that to Meri and in this meeting,  we decided to do that. We met at Itsenaisyydenkatu13 and took the number 17 bus. However, 17 bus didn’t go far away, so we returned and got off a bus in front of the lake which we had seen from a window. That lake was so beautiful because trees almost turned green to red or yarrow. We decided to walk around the lake. We taught some words about tree and lake in own language each other. While we were walking, it was snowing. It’s the first time I saw snow in the Finland and I saw snow on October 4th. After that, we went a cafe next to the lake. I learned Finnish there, we talked in only finnish. It is so hard ,but I think it is good way to learn language. I had a nice time.

Eläimet “Bunny café”

Our 7th meeting was at 3D Crush café. This cafe is really cute because there were bunnies in a small room, I had never been in a cafe like this. This time we decided to talk about “animals” so we did a short list with the vocabulary of animals in Finnish.

Eläimet – animals ,Pupu – bunny , Kissa – cat , Koira- dog, Kala- pez , Karhu- bear , Poro – reindeer , Ankka – duck , Kana- chicken , Lehmä- cow , Hevonen – Horse, Lammas – Sheep, Norsu- elephant , Leijona- lion , Kirahvi – giraffe , Sammakko- frog, Apina- monkey .


7th meeting !

We met in Pyynikkisali last Thursday. This time before the performance we studied languages about school, teacher, things like that. Laura taught us some grammar of Finnish. I learned some things such as some differences between English and Finnish. There are no articles and words have no grammatical gender in Finnish. By contrast, we have words for him/her but there also are no articles in Korean. And we use postpositions instead of prepositions

for example: in + the car / auto +ssa / 차+안에

and then I taught Laura some words, and tense about past, present, future in Korean.

After studying we enjoyed the concert for about an hour. They performed a lot of songs that are musical, film music. I haven’t seen a performance for a while. It was really good.

I was given this one by her. Thank you for the gift.  See you guys next meeting.


Our third meeting took a place at Fazer Cafe in center of a town. We decided to proceed with me teaching Finnish. First we catched up with each other then i started to teach numbers in Finnish. I taught numbers between 1-20 after that i taught the ”pattern” all forwarding numbers had. In the end i think my group understood how it works until 1000! They also were kind of surprised about how easily numbers work in Finnish language because everything else is so hard. After i was done teaching numbers we discussed about Christmas culture  differences between Germany and Finland. I got the understanding that Christmas cultures are kind of same in both countries. We also discussed about weather in general and wondered when we will have some snow!

5th meeting

Last Monday, we met and enjoyed sushi at Itsudemo which is a Japanese restaurant with Huang and her friend. I was very glad to hear that Huang said that it was very delicious, because sushi is traditional Japanese dish and my favorite food. And she tried wasabi(Japanese horseradish), but she added it too much and almost cried.

Then, we talked about Japanese movies and TV program and learnt some phrases and the words on family members. Actually, it was second for me to go this restaurant, but I really enjoyed sushi and talking with my friends!

coffee and donuts at Pyynikki observation tower (SPA-GER)

This was our sixth meeting and we decided to go to Pyynikki observation tower , it is a well known place in Tampere and it is a place where I had never been and it was so nice but , in this meeting we ate some sugar donuts and some coffee or tea. In this meeting we decided to study the verbs, we talked about the verb tenses and what the structures are in the verbs in Spanish and German respectively.
We made a list where we conjugate some verbs and differnts time forms as I will show below:

Present tense in Spanish
YO- Ando
TÚ- Andas
ÉL(LA) -Anda
ELLO/AS- Andan
YO- Como
TÚ- Comes
ÉL(LA)- Come
ELLO/AS -Comen

time forms in german
Present – Präsens
Ich esse
Sie singt
Wir fahren
Past simple – Präteritum
Ich ass
Sie sang
Wir fuhren
Past perfect – Perfekt
Ich habe gegessen
Sie hat gesungen
Wir sind gefahren
Ich hatte gegessen
Sie hatte gesungen
Wir waren gefahren

Although it was raining we could enjoy the meeting.

4th meeting

Our fourth meeting was in Pella’s cafe on November 4th.

Actually, we met at Sokos first but there is not suitable place to learn, so we walked around the center of city  looking for a place we can learn.  Then, we found Pella’s cafe and enter it. I was glad to be able to go there because the symbol of the cat of the cafe is cute and  I wanted to go there! The sandwich I ate was very good. We talked a lot and learned some words about animals. And surplisingly, we met at a Halloween party at the night! We met twice a day.


Phrases ready? Fire!

Again. Tamk main campus, building B, second floor, green box. This is starting to be a tradition for us! This time we wrote down some useful phrases, which we translated in both German and Finnish. We didn’t stay for long, but the outcome was quite useful. Even you had a ton of wordlists in your backpack, they aren’t going to help you if you don’t know how to use the in a sentence. So this is very important part of learning the language.

Because I had been studying German language for several years in the nineties, I had a hunch how to form a sentence in German. This meeting was good for recalling those rules!

And a Star Trek joke:
What did captain Kirk say just before our meeting?
– Are the phrases ready?

Bianco Pizzeria :P

This time we went for pizza at the pizzeria Bianco.  Pizza is really good and very cheap so I recommend this place.

Each one teach one it is not only about learning a language, I actually have learnt a lot of the Swiss and Spanish culture, thing which is really interesting for me because I like to know how same things differ, the way how everything works and the way of thinking in the different countries.

So this meeting we mostly spoke about our countries, we spoke about politics and religion. I realized that I don’t know a lot of aspects related to politics, but our conversation woke up in me the feeling of inform myself to know more about this topic.

I can say that I learnt a lot about Spain and Switzerland, about the system of government that both have, what works well and what works not so well, politics, regulations etc., I enjoyed a lot to hear about this topic and I believe that everyone should be aware of what is happening around the world in the aspects related to politics, some things that happen inside different countries have a big impact in the whole world.

We also talked about religion, easier topic and also interesting, all of us had a lot of things in common however religion has different impact in the society of each country, I believe that of all Mexico is the country in which religion still being very present in the people.

Walking in the forest

Talking about Finland, it is either forest or lake. we walked around the lake last meeting, so this time we decided to explore the forest behind TAMK. We met up at flower shop near TAMK and walked from there. Sometimes we walked on the real  ground and climbed a big rock,  not clean road. I saw beautiful colourful mushrooms, must be poisonous one. While we were walking, Meri teach me some Finnish words about Forest. The word which left an impression is “aurinko”. It means the sun in finnish. I like this sound. It is like soft, cute, warm and apple. I will never forget this word.  walk, walk, crawl, walk. Finally, we reached a lake, because Finland has a ton of lakes. Meri brought a bread and tea for me. I ate that with happy.  It was a nice day in Finland