Dinner at BIANCO PIZZERIA in our fifth meeting(SPANISH-GERMAN)

In our fifth meeting we decided to meet at BIANCO PIZZERIA where everyone decided to eat what they wanted, my companions ate pizzas and I only enjoyed a good coffee, because before arriving at the meeting I had eaten, the restaurant was very comfortable and calm, so we decided to do something different and leave aside the language part and decided to talk about the culture and interesting topics of our countries.

Picture in BIANCO Restaurant where we were freezing  jajajaja

Religion was the topic with which we began the talk where our colleague Sam told us that in Switzerland the Christian religion is the one that is mostly and in turn Jon of Spain told us that in Spain also Christians are more equally than in Mexico.  We came to the conclusion that in the three countries the old people are the most believers, because the young people do not currently identify with the religion.

We also talk about the politics of our countries, commenting on what kind of government is currently in our countries, something that I did not know and caught my attention is the kind of government that exists in Switzerland, because there are seven people who are in power of the country, each of them being of different ideology, while in Spain it is something similar to Mexico, since the left side currently governs, we also talk about current news of our countries and we had a nice dinner.


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