Studying at TAMK

Today we met at school to study a bit and to practice a bit the language.

We met in the evening and try to find a relaxed place. You could feel that everybody had a very long and exhausting day and that we where not at our top performance then all the other meetings before.

We first started ask the others to translate sentences or words which we already used and studied during the past meetings. This type of proofing the knowledge was hard because everybody was a bit tired. So it happened that I couldn’t remember the words or sentences.

Further, during our meeting we started to ask for translation of English sentences and as soon we got it in our native language we where trying to translate this sentence to the other language (Finnish or German). Even sometimes we just responded to the given question in the native language of the others.

Even we where done for the day, we had at least a bit of fun and tried to enjoy the meeting. Personally I can not recommend somebody to meet up when you had a very long working/studying day. It is not as efficient as it could be and it is a bit less fun.

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