Third Swiss-Mexico-Spain meeting

For this meeting we decided to go to the bar called “Rodeo” since while happy hour lasts beers are only one euro. It is an interesting bar because it has a lot of decoration and they play kind of like disco music. Being in a bar the fist thing we learned was to ask simple things for a bar, for example: where is the bathroom?, Could you give me a beer, please?, and of course, Could you give me your phone?

I need to add that I was se chosen one from my group to go with any girl who spoke german and ask her for her phone number. After a few minutes I found a girl who spoke german and I introduced myself then I asked her “kann ich deinen nummer haben?”, her first answer was “nein” (no) and ayer a few laughs she started to tell me her number in german. In that way I practiced how to introduce me in german, the numbers in german and the just made question.

After, we started to learn the colors in our languages and we realized that in spanish some colors have femenine but also masculine, not like german that just has femenines, masculines or neutral, not two of them in one.

We ended up that night dancing to the rythm of the best disco songs.

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