Walking in the forest

Talking about Finland, it is either forest or lake. we walked around the lake last meeting, so this time we decided to explore the forest behind TAMK. We met up at flower shop near TAMK and walked from there. Sometimes we walked on the real  ground and climbed a big rock,  not clean road. I saw beautiful colourful mushrooms, must be poisonous one. While we were walking, Meri teach me some Finnish words about Forest. The word which left an impression is “aurinko”. It means the sun in finnish. I like this sound. It is like soft, cute, warm and apple. I will never forget this word.  walk, walk, crawl, walk. Finally, we reached a lake, because Finland has a ton of lakes. Meri brought a bread and tea for me. I ate that with happy.  It was a nice day in Finland


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