Bianco Pizzeria :P

This time we went for pizza at the pizzeria Bianco.  Pizza is really good and very cheap so I recommend this place.

Each one teach one it is not only about learning a language, I actually have learnt a lot of the Swiss and Spanish culture, thing which is really interesting for me because I like to know how same things differ, the way how everything works and the way of thinking in the different countries.

So this meeting we mostly spoke about our countries, we spoke about politics and religion. I realized that I don’t know a lot of aspects related to politics, but our conversation woke up in me the feeling of inform myself to know more about this topic.

I can say that I learnt a lot about Spain and Switzerland, about the system of government that both have, what works well and what works not so well, politics, regulations etc., I enjoyed a lot to hear about this topic and I believe that everyone should be aware of what is happening around the world in the aspects related to politics, some things that happen inside different countries have a big impact in the whole world.

We also talked about religion, easier topic and also interesting, all of us had a lot of things in common however religion has different impact in the society of each country, I believe that of all Mexico is the country in which religion still being very present in the people.

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