Autumn colors and the lake

I wanted to take a bus and to sit a seat until final destination. I told that to Meri and in this meeting,  we decided to do that. We met at Itsenaisyydenkatu13 and took the number 17 bus. However, 17 bus didn’t go far away, so we returned and got off a bus in front of the lake which we had seen from a window. That lake was so beautiful because trees almost turned green to red or yarrow. We decided to walk around the lake. We taught some words about tree and lake in own language each other. While we were walking, it was snowing. It’s the first time I saw snow in the Finland and I saw snow on October 4th. After that, we went a cafe next to the lake. I learned Finnish there, we talked in only finnish. It is so hard ,but I think it is good way to learn language. I had a nice time.

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