Learning by Playing

This time our group met at Café Europa. As there are various games, we decided to play ALIAS in two groups, Antero and Hanna in one team and Cindy and I in one team. Of course, it would have been a bit challenging for us to play it with the original rules (as the game was in Finnish), so we just choose the word from the card, we already knew.

Cindy and I explained the word in German and the others had to guess what it is. Antero and Hanna explained the word in Finnish and we had to guess what it could be. Of course, we all just said our guesses in English, if we had no clue what it is in the other language. I was really happy as I noticed how much we all are already able to understand in the other language. There were also some answers I knew in Finnish. After over three months it´s interesting to see, how we got used to the language, which confused me the first time. Now after a while, it´s getting easier to understand what people could talk about, as there are always some words I know. Therefore the idea with the game was perfect, as we all could see how we improved our language skills.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle alias game

It was a funny evening and we all had a good time together. Looking forward to  our next time together! 🙂

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