Day. 8 Visit Pyynikki tower

Last week, We went to the Pyynikki tower to see the night view of Finland. The weather was so cold that all three were late because the bus was blocked up. I visited here once in the summer, and the tower of winter felt very different from the summer.


Maybe it’s because I came in this evening. Before today’s class, we bought a ticket and saw the night view first. I was a little scared because the elevator was old, but the Finnish night view from the high was really cool.

After watching the night view, we started studying at the cafe on the first floor. Today, I taught Laura korean music and learned about the expression of month in Finland.

I ordered doughnut before,  they are really delicious. If I can, I want to take it to Korea. I think I had the most fun preparing this topic. Because it was a good opportunity to introduce my favorite Korean singer directly to Laura. And I was surprised that Laura knew more about Korean singers and companies than I thought. Once again, I felt the power of the Korean wave.

I was also proud to learn more and more about Finnish words. I think I’m getting to know more words than I thought. I’m looking forward to meeting them next time.

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