Black Friday

This time we went shopping. We decided to go to Ratina because it was Black Friday and there were a lot of sales in all the stores. We decided to talk about clothing. It seemed like a good way to practice and learn new vocabulary because while we were looking at the clothes we were mentioning their translation both in Spanish and finnish. It was also a little confusing because although my colleagues speak Spanish, the Spanish that I speak is different, and certain clothes I call them differently but finally it´s good to learn the variations between each language even though it is the same. However, for me it was not easy to memorize the new vocabulary but with the practice I will be able to improve and memorize what I have learned.

These are a few words we learned:

Shirt – paita – camiseta
Trousers – housut – pantalones
Jeans – farkut – tejanos/vaqueros
Jacket – takki – chaqueta
Dress – mekko – vestido
Skirt – hame – falda
Shoes – kengät – zapatos
Woolen socks – villasukat – calcetines de lana
Socks – sukat – calcetines
Villapaita – woolen shirt – camiseta de lana
Scarf – huivi – bufanda
Gloves – hanskat – guantes
Beanie – pipo – gorro
Hat – hattu – sombrero

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