meeting at pella’s cafe (fin-ger)

We met at Friday evening at Pella’s cafe. This time I wasn’t there to see how my students ordered their beverages, because I was too excited of my teapot, but I heard that Martin tried to order his food and coffee in Finnish, but apparently the barista couldn’t understand him. Apparently mine and Vilmas teaching is not that effective then.

No, but I’m proud of Martin because he dares to try. And I guess that’s the best way of learning, via trial and error.

We also talked about traditions before Christmas in our countries. Maybe next time we’ll be talking a bit more of them.

I had written down some words that we used and is related to the ice-skating meeting and the breakfast meeting. I feel like that phrases would be more useful than just some random vocabulary, but in my opinion it’s harder to create and figure out the most useful phrases to teach. Because honestly, who needs a phrase that we all have learned at some point in some language; Excuse me, how to I get to the library?

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