Black Friday!

This Friday we have gone shopping! Since it was Black Friday we decided to go shopping, we met in Ratina, and we started looking at stores. Anni was guiding us accordingly with what we said we wanted.
We started looking at some winter stores since some of us go to Lapland and we have to be prepared for the cold. Then we went to look at clothing stores of another style, the truth that we wanted to buy everything. The most successful store was H & M where almost everyone bought something. In the end we ended up making a fool of ourselves and we tried funny things that were in stores, it was very funny.
To finish our shopping meeting we learned the names of some clothes in Spanish and Finnish:

Shirt-paita-camiseta; Troursers-housut-pantalones; Jacket-takki-chaqueta; Dress-mekko-vestido; Skirt-hame-falda; Shoes-kengät- zapatos; Socks-sukat-calcetines; Scarf-huivi-bufanda; Gloves-hanskat-guantes; Beanie-pipo-gorro.

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