Hockey Match!

At this meeting my group and I went to watch a hockey game. I had never seen one and I really liked it. The match was at 5:00 PM so we met 20 minutes before the game.

Before starting there was a lot of lights and music, we decided that we were going with the team that played in yellow, which in the end won 3-0. Every little time the game stopped, for example when there was a lack, and they played music and there were dancers. There were 3 parts of 20 minutes each and between them 20 minutes rest also.

It was a bit long but I liked it a lot, and I thought it was a great experience that I could not miss since it is a typical sport here. We also learned some words related to sports:

Ice hockey-jääkiekko-hockey; Soccer-jalkapallo-fútbol; Basketball-koripallo-baloncesto; Tennis-tennis-tenis; Handball-käsipallo-balonmano.

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