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9th meeting

Last Sunday, we met at Huang’s friend’s apartment and tasted Chinese traditional sweets named Tangyuan. It was very delicious! I like Chinese food very much!

By the way, I thought that Huang and her friend, Li made all of this sweets, but in fact they bought these dumplings. I learned that it is very difficult to make these dumplings and useually people who want to eat it buy it at supermarket even in China later😂

After enjoying dumplings, we talked a lot. The English education system and Japanese movies were our topics of chattering. It was good time and we made a plan for our last Each One Teach One meeting.

10th Meeting: EOTO Pre-Christmas Party

Hi! Today, 28th of November, we celebrated a Pre-Christmas party at TAMKO Solu. When I arrived, there were a lot of people playing games, so I joined them immediately. We played “Cards Against Humanity”, and although I had never played this game, I had a great time doing it. A part from that, we also ate some snacks that we had brought and we talked about our personal experience with this course.

I really liked this meeting because I was not only with my Each One Teach One group, but also with other people I hadn’t talked before. So I think it was a good idea to organize this Pre-Christmas party because now that most of us are coming back home early, we could have fun with different people who, sadly, we are not going to see again.

Pre-Christmas Party

Todays meeting took place in Solu. It was the “Each one teach one” pre-christmas party.
When I arrived some people where already there but nearly nobody broad some food from his country, which was a bit disappointing for me because I was looking forward to have the opportunity to taste all the different specialties.

We where talking about Christmas and about when everybody will leave or go home.
Furthermore, about weather and road conditions in the different countries and how the countries and people are dealing with the situation. How the weather is or has changed during the last decade, even if it was hard for some to speak about the last decade because they are a few years younger than me.

All in all it was a nice evening.

Meet at cats cafe! Niao!

Yesterday we met at cats cafe at 5:30pm, and my friend Lee and Jayce dicided that let our partners to meet together. So we invite them together to come there.

And we really enjoy the cats, they are so cute that we could not help us touching them.

We also took some pictures! We really enjoy our time and we make an apointment about today`s meeting.

9th meeting about Chinese Tangyuan!

Moe and me met at Sunday afternoon for the 9th meeting, cause last time I invited Moe to come to my house but I forgot to tell her that I am already at her apartment, so she went to my apartment in this so cold weather. It was ture that was my fault.

And Moe made tranditional Japanese food for me and my friend Lee, while we cook the Tangyuan for Moe.

Tangyuan is one of the tranditional Chinese dumplings but different form the normal one.It looks like 白玉团子. But we really enjoy our time.

After dinner, we discussed about some scared movie and story about Japan. And Moe told me that many sotries and moives may be not real. But I thought it is very interesting!



On our sixth meeting we met at Pella’s Cafe at center of town. Me and Christin talked about internships here in Finland and at Germany. We also discussed little bit about our work experience.  After few moments we started to learn languages again and the subject this time was body parts like eyes, ears, nose etc.

Some things I learned…

Hair = Haar
Eyes = Augen
Nose = Nase
Ears = Ohren
Hands = Hände
Cheek = Wange
Neck = Hals
Mouth = Mund
Lips = Lippen
Teeth = Zähne
Arm = Arm
Leg = Bein

In the end of meeting we discussed some things about Pre-Christmas parties that are called like Little Christmas in Finland. I found out that Little Christmas parties are kind of a thing in Finland at least and are not so common in Germany. Here in Finland many companies, organizations and friend groups are arranging those Pre-Christmas parties. Next time we meet it’s time to learn something new again.

Cats Cafe

Last night (27.11.2018) we went to the cats cafe which is located at the opposite of the center square.There was another friend joined us  and she is Huang’s partner who is a Japanese girl.

I think it was a good thing that Jenny really love the cats and she also was interested in the oldest cat in the cafe whose hair is gray with white .By the way ,there were maybe six or eight cats in the cafe,which were not similar to others.I especially like the youngest cat in it and she is so cute,although sometimes she didn’t want to play with me.After having a good time with cats, we left soon because the cafe closed the door at 7 pm.

We also made a appointment that we will meet today at the pre-Christmas party which held by Tamko .I also invited Jenny and Toni to join us and enjoy a Chinese Spring Festival party in February…maybe we should wait for a long time:)


wow ,this time is a very big group people get together and play with cats.

me and cui have a partner who is Jenny ,huang also have a partner named Moe,we just get together ,cause we are both good guys and we both like cats,it is very fun.i have to say that ,we have planed to go to this cafe for a long time ,but we are always busy ,so we just dont have the time to do this.

and i really want to say sorry to Jenny about the last time ,she invited us to go bowling,but we have to work at the restaurant ,we just can not  change our work time that is very bad things ,but I promise that this kind of things will not happen again.

it is really happy to see her again,we will go to the Christmas party in the afternoon,or in the evening ,i am really excited,I wear a suit,hahahahah hope to see u then.






Hockey Match!

At this meeting my group and I went to watch a hockey game. I had never seen one and I really liked it. The match was at 5:00 PM so we met 20 minutes before the game.

Before starting there was a lot of lights and music, we decided that we were going with the team that played in yellow, which in the end won 3-0. Every little time the game stopped, for example when there was a lack, and they played music and there were dancers. There were 3 parts of 20 minutes each and between them 20 minutes rest also.

It was a bit long but I liked it a lot, and I thought it was a great experience that I could not miss since it is a typical sport here. We also learned some words related to sports:

Ice hockey-jääkiekko-hockey; Soccer-jalkapallo-fútbol; Basketball-koripallo-baloncesto; Tennis-tennis-tenis; Handball-käsipallo-balonmano.

Black Friday!

This Friday we have gone shopping! Since it was Black Friday we decided to go shopping, we met in Ratina, and we started looking at stores. Anni was guiding us accordingly with what we said we wanted.
We started looking at some winter stores since some of us go to Lapland and we have to be prepared for the cold. Then we went to look at clothing stores of another style, the truth that we wanted to buy everything. The most successful store was H & M where almost everyone bought something. In the end we ended up making a fool of ourselves and we tried funny things that were in stores, it was very funny.
To finish our shopping meeting we learned the names of some clothes in Spanish and Finnish:

Shirt-paita-camiseta; Troursers-housut-pantalones; Jacket-takki-chaqueta; Dress-mekko-vestido; Skirt-hame-falda; Shoes-kengät- zapatos; Socks-sukat-calcetines; Scarf-huivi-bufanda; Gloves-hanskat-guantes; Beanie-pipo-gorro.