8th international meeting (SP-GER)

The 8th meeting was a little bit different for us: we did each one teach one in a “party” the mexican guys arranged at the common room of Kaupinojan Sauna. We thought it was a good opportunity to talk to other German and Spanish speakers, so that they could participate and give opinions on the topics we were learning and also help us with the stuff.

As it was an international meeting, there were a lot of a people from different countries. There were some Germans and also some friends of mine from Spain, apart from more mexican guys. Before starting our little lesson, we talk to each other and we realized that Germans and Swiss did not pronounce – obviously – the same way. Indeed, for us Sam’s accent was easier, as he pronounces the “r” like we do.

The topic for this meeting was weekdays and time. We learned months, weekdays, adverbs of time… All those aspects linked with time.  Here are some examples of what we learned:

Tomorrow evening I am going to eat a pizza with my friends: Morgen Abend werde ich eine Pizza mit meinen Freunden essen.
We always spend the summer holidays at the beach: Wir verbringen die Ferien immer am Strand.
-When are you coming here? -I am coming later: -Wann kommst du? -Ich komme später.
-What are doing now? -I am writing an essay for the day after tomorrow. -Was machst du jetzt? - Ich schreibe einen Essay für übermorgen.
Soon, they will be in Germany. Bald werden Sie in Deutschland sein.
You came too early! Du bist zu früh gekommen!

No pictures for this meeting because we forgot it…But we can just leave a picture of all of us enjoying the international meeting!

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