9th cooking meeting (SP-GER)

Hi again!

Another meeting within our list of plans was a traditional cooking meeting, where we would cook food from Spain, Mexico and Switzerland.

This time we talked about prepositions. So far, we should be able to express ourselves like this following sentences:

Yesterday  I was in Mallorca. Gestern war ich auf Mallorca. (for places, events...)
I am behind you. Ich stehe hinter dir
I will be in the class at 9am. Ich werde in das Klassenzimmer um 9 Uhr sein.
She is coming to you. Sie kommst zu dir.
They are sitting next to him. Sie sitzen neben ihm.
I am the highest man in the world. Ich bin der höchste Mann auf der Welt.
We are driving through the path. Wir fahren durch den Weg.
The kat is sitting on the chair. Die Katze sitzt auf dem Stuhl.

I found it a little bit confusing to differentitate between the preposition “in”, as it has a lot of meanings. Also to make phrases with the prepositions and the articles in German was quite tricky.

Here I leave some photos of the dinner we made and how I prepared the “tortilla de patatas” (potatoes omelette).

(1) First of all, the potatoes are peeled. Then cut into cubes and fried in abundant oil.

(2) Then, we whisk some eggs (for this quantity 5 units). We take the oil off and put the already fried potatoes into the whisked eggs. 

(3) The last step is to cook the omelette with little oil.

The Spanish tradition is to leave it a little bit raw, to feel the taste of the egg.


Mexican nachos and Swiss chocolate fondue.


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