In our ninth meeting we decided to have lunch at school cafeteria. We taught each others some vocabulary about food and dishes.

potato – peruna – Kartoffel

meat – liha – Fleisch

fish – kala – Fisch

milk – maito – Milch

water – vesi – Wasser

spoon – lusikka – Löffel

fork – haarukka – Gabel

knife – veitsi – Messer

plate – lautanen – Teller

mug – muki – Tasse

glass – lasi – Glas

bread – leipä – Brot

juice – mehu – Saft

rice – riisi – Reis

chicken- kana – Hühnchen

pasta – pasta – Nudeln / Pasta


This was one of the last days Christin would spend at school campus so we thought it would be nice to have lunch there. Next meeting will be our last for this course and we thought we could go somewhere to look some souvenirs for Christin to bring home.

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